Tillie @ Worship Conference: Post #1

From Pastor Kent:

Hey everyone, Tillie Bergmeier is a member at Illumine with some great creative gifts (art, music, design) who is headed up to Milwaukee this week to grow through the 2014 WELS Worship Conference. She'll be providing guest posts for the next couple days based on what she experiences, and her first post is below. Enjoy!

From Tillie:

After a highly nutritious meal of pasta salad and chicken nuggets, my parents and I piled in the Ford Escape to begin our journey to the WELS Worship Conference. We are splitting the drive between two days to make it a bit more bearable. I slept for most of the ride tonight, which was only about 2.5 hours from Waxhaw, NC to Asheville, NC. Upon arrival at Comfort Suites at about 9 pm Mom and I instantly smell chlorine and do a pool scope-out. An outdoor pool and no hot tub? Not going to cut it when it has already cooled down to a very pleasant (when dry) 75 degrees. Kettle corn in the hotel room will have to settle for our evening entertainment. Exclamations of, "I'm on vacaaaaation!" sung in an overly dramatic opera voice was the soundtrack of day 1.