Tillie @ Worship Conference Post #3

Day 4:

Sunday morning started out as every Sunday morning starts out in the Bergmeier family: with worship of our Savior in church. Jaymie and Casey live very close to the church they were married at and now are members at, St. Mark's Lutheran Church. We took a morning stroll as a family to the church, which was just a 10 minute hike in our summer sandals. Arriving just in time, we heard a very animated sermon about Queen Esther in the Old Testament and the comfort we have that God is in control. St. Mark's service is very traditional and they have communion after the main service has ended. Although I love the more contemporary services at Illumine, it was kind of nice to be back in the comfort zone of the traditions I grew up with for a change. Kneeling at the communion rail and being told to "go in peace and live for Christ" was especially comforting and compelling for me.  We had all been craving Butterburgers since my parents and I first drove back into the Midwest a few days earlier, so we went over to the local Culvers to get some greasy goodness and frozen custard after church. Jaymie then left for the worship conference a couple days early because she is in a choir that had rehearsal on Sunday night. Casey, Mom, Dad, and I all went back to the house for some relaxation. I laid out in the sun for a few minutes while more Ticket to Ride was played. Casey and I jammed to some RockBand, and I even got Mom to help me out with the drum pedal! Casey introduced us to Fortune Street, a game similar to Monopoly for Wii. It should have taken only a couple of hours to complete the game, but my parents and I are somewhat new to using a Wii remote. After about 4 hours of game time and 10 o'clock at night, we all were muttering to each other, "just press the A button..." to try to get the game to move faster. Even through our exhaustion from such a marathon game we still managed to squeeze in a couple more rounds of Ticket to Ride before bed.