Tillie @ Worship Conference: Post #5

Our dreams came true Tuesday morning when we walked over to Cracker Barrel and stuffed our bellies full of some home cookin'. We met a lady named Patricia at our hotel who needed a ride over to the conference. She is a lovely woman who composes piano music.

After dropping her off outside the registration building on Carthage's campus we unloaded and set up my dad's artwork into the hallway where it was being displayed. There were two recitals in the chapel that afternoon and we attended the first one for chamber music and Canticum Novum, a choral group. It was so beautiful to listen to, and really neat to see some of my old friends from Wisconsin Lutheran College up there praising God with their talents.

We then ate dinner in the Carthage cafeteria with my sister, Jaymie's colleague and friend Adam Igl before heading back to the chapel for the Festival Concert. Jaymie sang in the Festival Choir, so we sat in the balcony thinking we could see her better from that angle. It got pretty toasty up there! The choir and orchestra sounded very beautiful.

After the concert my parents and I set up the banners my mom had made to be draped over the front of the pews for the Epiphany service the next morning. My dad had made a giant origami star out of poster board that was hung from a system of pulleys. Every night this week after the evening worship service there is a time for fellowship back in the cafeteria called the Gemütlichkeit. This is a really nice chance for us to catch up with old friends and chat about the day.  It's a little bit of a flashback to college life - staying up late and rising early.