Heroes & Victims

Sometimes people treat Christianity like there are two choices:
You can either be this bold, courageous hero,
or you can be this humble, long-suffering victim.

But Christianity walks a line between these extremes.

We don’t breed heroes, 
we don’t baby victims,
we just tell people somebody already saved them.
We don’t praise arrogance,
or shame the humiliated.
we just love like we’ve been loved, without discrimination. 

We admit that we aren't perfect, 
but we aren’t okay with the status quo.
We admit we don’t know everything,
but we don’t think we're stupid.
We admit we haven’t finished,
but we know how this is going to end.

We don’t oppress,
we won't belittle,
but we can’t enable.

We are here to fight, so that someone else can win.
We are here to preach, so that someone else can be heard.
We are here to love, because someone else first loved us.

We walk a line in between, 
where loving Christ and loving others can both be everything.
We take this narrow path,
careful to tread,
focused on the cross,
where that truth and grace and courage and humility come together in Christ. 

We do not stray toward the broken extremes,
they are sirens that would sink us.
We do not run as though fate would overtake us.
We do not stand like we have nowhere to be.
We press on, on this narrow path,
not as heroes,
not as victims,
but as people who have been saved, and who KNOW IT.