Book Review: "Wizards that Peep" by Dr. Siegbert W. Becker

Do you wonder about ghosts, Ouija boards, demon possession, or horoscopes? The occult, that division of religion which includes ghosts, horoscopes, Ouija boards and demon possession, is dangerously alluring to many people, both Christian and non-Christian alike. Those who curiously explore it often find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of the devil’s own design. If you’re looking for more information (but not too much!) on the occult and its dangers, this might be the book for you. 

“Wizards that Peep” by Siegbert W. Becker
Reviewed by Kent Reeder, 2/11/15
Available in print, Kindle, or Nook format.

This relatively short book is divided into just five parts which range from “Fortune Telling” to “Satanism” (or from bad to worse). Each section is about 25 pages long, and there is a lot of information on every page - this is not casual reading. That being said, the vocabulary and style is such that a late-high-school student would probably be able to comprehend it, and the book is set up more as a reference or guide than as a novel to be read from cover to cover.

Author Siegbert Becker, a Lutheran pastor and professor, did considerable research into a deeply unpleasant field for this book. In doing so, he put together a remarkably comprehensive guide to the occult that can equip any Christian to speak with some authority on the subject. If you have an acquaintance who dabbles in the occult, be it Wicca, fortune telling, or even astrology (horoscopes) Dr. Becker has provided you with a lot of ammunition as you try to help them see the danger of their practices. Crucially, though, Dr. Becker doesn’t hold up argument or statistics as the best way to fight the occult - he holds up Christ. “Our best defense is the Gospel of God’s redeeming love in Christ who has come to destroy all the words of the devil."

There is no denying society is fascinated by the occult. Reality TV about ghosts, movies about demons, and the daily horoscope are gradually normalizing belief in and (more importantly) fear of Satanism. As a Christian person, put on the armor of God against the devil’s attacks, and always be prepared to give an answer for the hope to which you cling. This book can help you in that process.

Please, keep in mind that any time you delve into issues of the occult, you are entering dangerous territory. Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a lion who wants to devour you - so be careful! If you have any questions about the book (before or after you read it) please don’t hesitate to contact someone at Illumine - we’d be glad to work through it with you.

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