O Jesus, So Sweet, O Jesus, So Mild

Away in a Manger and Silent Night tend to run away with all the "Christmas lullaby" glory. Since they're both good, that's fine, but one lullaby-to-Jesus that doesn't get quite enough credit for its beauty and simplicity is the hymn "O Jesus So Sweet, O Jesus So Mild." A poetic prayer that's simple enough for a child and deep enough for thinkers, this hymn deserves to be part of your Christmas vocabulary. 

Therefore, Illumine is making that possible by offering this recording. Illumine member Gregg Prange, Jr. played the interlude saxophone parts and improvised the part over the 3rd verse (which is fantastic!) Pastor Kent Reeder created the guitar part and the vocals were performed by Jared Colòn. Illumine's Worship Coordinator, Drew Sonnenberg, was at the helm for the recording process.

Truth is, we all need a little Christmas saxophone action, and this is a great place to get it. While it isn't likely that Valentin Thilo, the 17th century professor of rhetoric at the University of Königsberg, felt that way (since the saxophone wasn't invented until the 1840s), we feel confident that he'd have at least appreciated this arrangement of his text. We really hope that you do, too.