Illumine education resources

Education is essential at Illumine. We couldn't imagine life without it because learning takes away the ignorance that separates us from God. To this end, Illumine offers a wide variety of educational opportunities, from lectures to discussions to video presentations covering a broad scope of topics.

Spiritual wisdom doesn't come simply from more facts or better logic.  In fact, unlike every other kind of wisdom, it doesn't come from anything you do. Spiritual wisdom comes from God, and you get it by challenging your thinking with his truth and his words. We hope these resources will help you gain spiritual wisdom and also guide your discipleship efforts to help bring others closer to God. We welcome and appreciate feedback on any of the resources below.

All education documents created by Illumine are listed alphabetically by category on this page.


Adult Bible Study

Illumine offers a diverse selection of education opportunities for adults because God has made different people learn in different ways. Adult Bible Studies are short, but they’re designed to be pretty intense and to give you the chance to dig into God’s word in ways you couldn’t do on your own.


Breaking the ice

Children's Camps

The spiritual education of a child is uniquely important. Good, attentive instruction for kids from little on develops a strong, steady foundation that will last throughout life. We’ve worked to create a system of education that helps kids grow spiritually from cradle through college. Christmas and Easter Camps teach kids using a combination of games, crafts, lessons, music, and collaboration. These one-day camps give kids of all ages a way to interact with God's word in fun and engaging ways.

Easter Camp | See Life Better

Christmas Camp


Film Fest

A one-day film festival takes a topic and explores it using short clips and full films, all arranged to lead a helpful discussion. This is a fun event for the family, and there are separate films shown for kids.


Falling In Love

Science Camp

Science Camp is another way we focus on a child's spiritual education at Illumine. This five-day camp is a little like the Vacation Bible School you may be familiar with, combined with fun and engaging Science topics kids love. Science Camp teaches kids of all ages using a combination of games, crafts, lessons, music, and collaboration.

The Human Body

The Oceans


Seminars are one-day events hosted 3 times per year at Illumine. Guest speakers and organizations are invited to be a part of these seminars and share their expertise. Diverse topics for these events include everything from career choices and planning for teens to human trafficking. 


Parents vs. Porn

Small group

Small groups meet weekly for 8-10 weeks. These are unique among our education opportunities because they provide chances to learn with a consistent group, and to share the experience of learning in a way that broad-based education opportunities like Film Fests and Trivia Nights cannot offer.

Trivia night

Trivia Nights are very fun opportunities for both fellowship and education. Anyone can come, childcare is provided. Teams of 3-5 compete in 10 rounds of questions themed around a variety of topics.

Christmas Trivia | Partridge Edition

General Trivia