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Eureka: Methods of Choice

  • Illumine's Ministry Center 1262 Riverchase Blvd Rock Hill, SC, 29732 United States (map)

The ancient Greek scientist Archimedes is said to have been bathing when he had a significant revelation about a certain problem for a king. He was so excited by the revelation that he hopped out of the bath and ran through the city streets naked, yelling, "Eureka! Eureka! (I have found it! I have found it!)."  

There are moments when, all of a sudden, facts and experiences align in such a way that we see some aspect of life with stunning clarity. These "eureka" moments change us, taking us from the mistaken way we had functioned into an improved way of seeing the world.

God, through the Bible, offers countless opportunities for moments like this, largely because our sinfully-marred minds work differently than God's. Through this series, we'll examine particularly surprising and counterintuitive aspects of God's word and wisdom, and through it transform our thinking - giving us every reason to run through the streets proclaiming these life-changing truths.

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