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Core | A Whole Family Bible Class

Like any true Christian church, Illumine stands on the foundation of God's Word and the truths it contains - but there's a reality beyond God's truths, because sometimes God doesn't specifically command or forbid two opposing ideas. Sometimes, when the church is doing the work of the church, God gives flexibility. This flexibility is the reason two different true Christian churches can both be "true" but also seem very different. 

This course is designed to examine not so much the foundational truths that make this church work, but rather to examine those core principles that make this church unique. These are principles that, in planting a church for this time and place, we have determined are good ways to serve those who want to grow in their resilience, wisdom, and purpose. These are the "core" principles of Illumine Church - and if you're a member here, they are at least in some ways your core principles, too. 

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Basics Course | Lesson 3
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Core | A Whole Family Bible Class