Since 2014, there have been more mobile devices in the world than desktop computers, and people spend more time browsing the internet on their smartphones than on their desktops.

quoted from “Mobilized” by SC Moatti

Here’s a formula that will be familiar to some of the readers, but not to others…which is kind of the point.

We’re starting a church.

What does this mean?

We should fear and love God that we…what?

If a group of people who want other people to know about God decide that the way they’re going to go about accomplishing their good intention is by starting a church, what do they do?

No matter what your experience is with church-planting, I bet something comes to mind. An image of a preacher, or a sign, or a Bible study. A weekly gathering. Potlucks. Something.

Most likely, if you zoom out whatever picture is in your head, you’re seeing a bunch of people moving toward whatever the church is, to get what the church is offering. A very logical thought. When pioneers were settling the mid- and Western portions of the United States, one of the first things they’d build was a church, so the people had a place to go to get together and hear about God.

Ergo, when the preacher was ready to preach and the bell had been rung, the people would be seen moving toward the church.

Here’s the thing. Semantic change makes it easy to miss, but at this point in history almost nobody is waiting to start moving toward a church. They’re already mobile (a word which had the very same meaning as moving until a few years ago.) We can and should still build a church for them, but we should really spend some time asking What does this mean? as we do so.

We’re starting a church.

What does this mean?

We should fear and love God that we lead people to him (and they’re already mobile.)