The preschool that has rented the basement of this building for more than a decade began again this week. There’s little feet running all over the campus each day (which is good. The building is getting use while we work on our plans for how to make it even more useful.)

As we move forward with the project of finding the best ways to make this campus serve, the idea of a lot of feet walking around it has some value. Think about it in terms of foot prints and paths. If everyone who came onto and used the campus walked through red paint on their way in, where would their feet lead? What would be the most well-trodden lanes and which would only have a few steps? Which areas would be paint-free?

There’s obviously going to be areas of more traffic and areas of less, but here’s the point: I hope there’s paint everywhere. There’s a version of a church campus where all the footprints follow basically the same path in, to a spot, and out, each week. That version of a church has faithfully served a lot of people over time - I’m not denying that - but I’m saying it’s not the version we’re looking to create.

There are as many ways to connect someone to the gospel as there are footprints. There are as many ways to use a given area or space as there are people who can occupy that area or space.

As we talk about and think about this project, let’s think about how Illumine Greenwood’s spaces can maximize the gospel-opportunities for whomever’s feet are pitter-pattering through.