Included on this page are resources for you to peruse and download as you prepare to do the work of evangelism in local congregations. People are dying and hell is hot. Maybe the most "evangelism-specific" thing I can share is this: Illumine's Assimilation System.

Here's also a desktop wallpaper we designed and offer to anyone who wants it. 


What Can Stand by Illumine Church
What Can Stand is a song we wrote about baptism so we'd have something really fun to sing to celebrate baptisms.

Volume 1 Devotional
Illumine's first album, Recordings | Volume 1, comes with a companion devotional. 


Christmas Toolkit
A sharable resource designed to help families keep their Christmases focused on Christ, we give this away constantly from mid-November onward.

Education Feedback Form
We hand this form out at the end of most courses to get feedback from those who attended. It helps empower the adult learners who invest time in learning at Illumine to control their educational experience. 


Free Yard Sale Guideline
By far one of our most successful Community Service events, Free Yard Sales are awesome ways to reach the needy and empower those who want to serve their neighbors. 

Charitable Care Team Signup
The Charitable Care Team connects with individuals in need to help them not just receive a bandaid for a moment, but a solution that will put them on the right track. This signup sheet is how we get people on that team.