Rosewood Elementary

Illumine's nPOTT, May-August 2016

We're partnering with Rosewood this summer with one goal: support those teachers!

Every summer, Rock Hill offers people who are looking to live generously several opportunities to support students. This informative page from the Rock Hill Schools Education Foundation gives several examples, including the nationally recognized "Back the Pack" program. These are fantastic programs and we strongly encourage you, if you are looking to invest in the education of our community, to support them. 

Along with serving the students, Illumine is partnering with Rosewood this year to support another valuable segment of our education system: the teachers. Teachers are the ones who buy the extra supplies when some run out, who keep extra food on hand for students without lunches, and who generously give of themselves each day for the sake of our community's children. 

The supply drive

To support these teachers, we're conducting a supply drive - not for student supplies, but for classroom supplies. Rosewood has provided us with the following list (click here for a printable version) and we'll be collecting these items until August 12th, when we present the materials to the faculty at an appreciation luncheon we're putting together during the opening Teacher Work Week. 

  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand soap
  • Tissues/Kleenex (big need)
  • Paper towels 

It's not a long list...which makes it that much more possible for us to provide several sets of these supplies to each classroom at Rosewood!

Supplies can be dropped of at Illumine on Sundays - doors are always open by 9am for Worship at 10am.