What are Sundays like?

Sunday mornings at Illumine are...great. God is there. Nice folks from your community are there. Good food and beverages are allowed, too. Most importantly, there's a lot of comforting but serious conversation about what people are collectively going through.


THE family integrated ASSEMBLY | 10-11am

Part of Sunday morning is a family-integrated (for all ages) assembly. This is what is often referred to as "worship" or the "service." Sometimes it's motivational, sometimes it's more educational, but it is always valuable, relevant, and a good time for all ages. Expect music, responsive reading, preaching, and prayer. 

The Spotlight | 11:30am-12pm

Always highly relevant, predominantly biblical, and discussion based, The Spotlight is Illumine's space to talk about what everyone is thinking about. After the 10-11am fun has been had, there's usually about 20-30 minutes of time to hang out, snack, and make friends - from 11-11:30 or so. Then, at 11:30, the teens and adults gather to dig into some juicy content.

Illumine Kids | 11:30am-12pm

Illumine's version of Sunday School for kids, this is a quick run through the discipleship cycle. It starts with 5-10 minutes of music and prayer, moves into 10-15 minutes of education, and finishes with 10 minutes of community service. The whole session digs deeper into what was covered in the 10 o'clock hour.