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Midweek Open-House Lent Worship

  • Wednesday, March 22nd from 4-8pm
  • SERIES: Passion | Christ's suffering on your behalf was nothing if not passionate. Let's take 45 minutes each week during this pre-Easter season to meditate on it's value.

Sunday Public Worship

  • Sunday, March 26th from 10-11am
  • SERIES: Nexus | Christ is the centerpiece of history. Every thing that happened pointed to him, and everything that has happened since has been because of him. All of the plans and intentions that God had in creating the universe meet all of the hopes and futures that humanity lives for in his cross. 
  • FOCUS: "Touchpoints" | Throughout history, God has given his people ways to connect to him despite the sin that separates us. He promises to be present with us in the midst of these gifts.
  • Preview this Sunday's songs HERE.
  • Illumine's own recordings of worship songs can be previewed here.

Worship at Illumine is designed to give your spirit rest by means of God's promises. We worship for 60-65 minutes, and we typically include art, music, spoken word, and lots of Scripture. Everyone is welcome and valued.

Call (803)810-9398 for more information.

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Adult Bible Class

  • Sunday, March 12th from 11:30am-12pm
  • COURSE: Saw It Coming | Let's look back and see the ways that the Old Testament prefigured the coming Messiah and showed exactly who he would be and how he would do his work. 
  • LESSON: Messiah | The concept of "messiah" was as fascinating as all the Marvel and DC superheroes combined for God's people as they awaited the arrival of Jesus. The prophets would speak of one who would perfectly, finally fulfill the will of God - and as the chosen people of God, which was exciting! As the years went on and more prophecies were given, the picture of the messiah grew clearer and clearer, until only one person could possibly fulfill all that had been promised.

Children's Sunday School

  • Kids from nursery through preteens are invited to see God's story better through Sunday School. 
  • Sunday, March 19th from 11:30am-12pm

If you're interested in learning what we teach and why we teach it, set up a meeting with pastor: kentr@illuminechurch.com

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Non-Profit of the Trimester

  • The Wayne T. Patrick Hospice House is Illumine Non-Profit of the Trimester from January - April, 2017. 
  • We'll help with beautifying the grounds, offering support to the staff, marketing, and patient companionship as the trimester continues. 

Illumine is always looking for new and unique ways to serve the community. The best way for Illumine to do this is by partnering with other community-benefiting organizations and helping them with their mission. If you know of an organization that would be interested in Illumine's participation, please let us know!