The mission: exist so that Christ may shine brilliantly on people, in people, and through people. To that end, ministry happens through worship (Christ shining on), education (Christ shining in), and community service (Christ shining through.) On a given day, people connected to Illumine might be found volunteering, gathering in a home or at the Center for a class, preparing for worship, or praying together for each other and the community.

Illumine welcomes everyone. Everyone needs a chance to refresh - that's the goal of worship. Everyone deserves a chance to grow and be more than they were before - that's the goal of education. Everyone benefits when people know, care about, and serve the people around them - that's why this church isn't working unless it is reaching out to the community. Anyone can have input in this process. Anyone can participate in this process. There are many people hoping that you, the person reading this, will become engaged in this process.

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  • (803) 810-9398


  • 1262 Riverchase Blvd., Rock Hill, SC 29732


  • (206) 363-8551


  • 11050 Greenwood Ave., Seattle, WA 98133


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The style of worship at illumine is

  • more celebration than party.

  • more exposition than entertainment.

  • more accessible than simplistic.

  • more profound than complicated.

  • more worthwhile than convenient.

  • more for all people than for church people.

  • more diverse than traditional.

  • more relevant than contemporary.

  • more open than formal.

  • more crucial than casual.

Come, worship here. Everyone is welcome. We'll work hard to make sure you're comfortable and you enjoy your time with us - but we'll also make sure you hear the honest truth, designed to make you think about what really matters and what you can do about it. 

The Philosophy of worship at Illumine is

that everyone needs regular spiritual rest, and on Sundays @ 10am, for about 60 minutes, we'll give you a chance to get that kind of rest, 

Spiritual rest is not

  • physical rest, like you'd get in a bed.

  • mental rest, like you'd get meditating or reflecting.

  • emotional rest, like you'd get from a hug.

Spiritual rest doesn't come from sleep or quiet - in fact, unlike every other kind of rest, it doesn't come from anything you do. Spiritual rest comes from God, and you get it by hearing that God has made and kept his promises to you. You rest spiritually when God wrenches all your troubles, cares and worries out of your stubborn hands, and replaces them with the promise that you have nothing to fear as long as he is with you. 


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The STYLE of education offered at illumine is

  • more collaboration than lecture.

  • more systematic than sporadic.

  • more for wisdom than for trivia.

  • more for everybody than for long-time church-people.

  • more intentional than organic.

  • more thought provoking than dogmatic.

We will work to make sure that you are always provided with quality instructors and excellent material so that your ignorance will decrease and your wisdom will increase. More importantly, we'll make sure that education at Illumine is focused on God's Word instead of some human ideas or opinions.

The Philosophy of education at illumine

is that everyone needs wisdom, because wisdom makes life work better. We provide a myriad of opportunities to engage in education for all ages, from Film Fests to Science Camp, and from Trivia Nights to Sunday School. 

Education is essential at Illumine. We couldn't imagine life without it because learning takes away the ignorance that separates us from God. To this end, Illumine offers a wide variety of educational opportunities, from lectures to discussions to video presentations. We talk about a broad scope of topics, and we are always willing to talk about your questions.  Being part of our education events is just as important to us as being part of our worship events. 

Spiritual wisdom doesn't come simply from more facts or better logic - in fact, unlike every other kind of wisdom, it doesn't come from anything you do. Spiritual wisdom comes from God, and you get it by challenging your thinking with his truth and his words. 


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The style of service at illumine is

  • more service focused than promotion focused.

  • more needs-based than whims-based.

  • more for exercising faith than for evangelism.

  • more for this community than for this church.

  • more work than fun.

  • more rewarding than painful.

  • more Christ-motivated than glory-motivated.

  • more valuable than optional.

Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! | Amos 5:24

The philosophy of SERVICE at illumine is

that Rock Hill is our home. Its citizens are our neighbors, and we love them all.

Fortunately, Rock Hill is a perfect combination of

  • people with passion,

  • people with need,

  • and people with resources.

Illumine is a meeting place for all of these kinds of people, where if you have need you can get help, if you have passion you can pour it out, and if you have something to share you can get connected to those who will benefit from it. 

Community Service is work, but unlike every other kind of work it is done selflessly, for the sake of the people around you and for the glory of God. As such, it provides rewards that are much greater than any career or job can offer, and it binds us together in freedom instead of driving us apart with greed.