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Next worship opportunity:

Public Worship

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  • Sunday, July 23rd from 10-11am
  • SERIES: The Loyal Family
  • FOCUS: Loyal to the Name | When he used the idea of a kinsman-redeemer to help someone out of poverty, he showed his providence and his mercy. He does this today as well, using both "family" in the strict sense and a broader definition of community that we see begin to exist in the New Testament.  
  • Preview this Sunday's songs HERE.
  • Illumine's own recordings of worship songs can be previewed here.

Worship at Illumine is designed to give your spirit rest by means of God's promises. We worship for 60-65 minutes, and we typically include art, music, spoken word, and lots of Scripture. Everyone is welcome and valued.

Call (803)810-9398 for more information.

Next education opportunity:

Adult Bible Class

  • Sunday, July 23rd from 11:30am-12:00pm
  • COURSE: Hard Sayings of Jesus | When we read or hear things from God's Word that we don't like or are hard to hear, how do we react? How should we react? God willing, in this course we'll learn that even the hard sayings of Jesus are acts of love from a Savior who cares very deeply. 

Children's Sunday School

  • Kids from nursery through preteens are invited to see God's story better through Sunday School. 
  • Sunday, July 23rd from 11:30am-12pm

If you're interested in learning what we teach and why we teach it, set up a meeting with pastor: kentr@illuminechurch.com

Next community service opportunity:

Non-Profit of the Trimester

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of York County is Illumine Non-Profit of the Trimester from May - August, 2017. 
  • We're holding a book drive to support them as they move into this county and begin to make their presence known. We'll also be canvassing on their behalf. 

Illumine is always looking for new and unique ways to serve the community. The best way for Illumine to do this is by partnering with other community-benefiting organizations and helping them with their mission. If you know of an organization that would be interested in Illumine's participation, please let us know!