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Public Worship

  • 10am on Sunday, October 2nd 
  • SERIES: Law/Gospel
  • FOCUS: Law is/isn't Gospel
  • Illumine's coming worship songs can be previewed here.

Worship at Illumine is designed to give your spirit rest by means of God's promises. We worship for 60-65 minutes, and we typically include art, music, spoken word, and lots of Scripture. Everyone is welcome and valued.

Call (803)810-9398 for more information.

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Bible Class

  • 11:30am on Sunday, October 2nd
  • COURSE: Scrolls & Scraps

Children's Sunday School

  • 11:30am on Sunday, October 2nd 

If you're interested in learning what we teach and why we teach it, set up a meeting with pastor: kentr@illuminechurch.com

See Life Better Course

This course is a fast-paced and interactive introduction to our basic teachings, mission, and vision. To sign up, please contact us or call (803)810-9398. 

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Rosewood Elementary Supply Drive

Rosewood Work Days

  • Stay tuned! We're working on scheduling a couple of work days on which volunteers can do special projects to help prep Rosewood for the 16-17 school year.

Non-Profit of the Trimester

  • Rosewood Elementary School is the organization Illumine is focusing on supporting during the second Trimester of 2016. We will be helping Rosewood prep the school for next year!

Illumine is always looking for new and unique ways to serve the community. The best way for Illumine to do this is by partnering with other community-benefiting organizations and helping them with their mission. If you know of an organization that would be interested in Illumine's participation, please let us know!