A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth

A new melody for Paul Gerhardt's classic hymn.

Melody by Kent Reeder | Produced by Drew Sonnenberg

A lamb goes uncomplaining forth
the guilt of all men bearing.
And laden with the sins of earth,
none else the burden sharing.
Goes patient on, grows weak and faint,
to slaughter led without complaint,
that spotless life to offer.
Bears shame and stripes and wounds and death,
anguish and mockery and says,
“Willing all this I suffer. 
Willing all this I suffer.”

This lamb is Christ, the soul’s great friend,
the Lamb of God, our Savior.
The one the Father chose to send
to gain for us his favor.
“Go forth, my Son,” his Father said,
“and free them from the fear of death,
from guilt and condemnation.
The wrath and pain are hard to bear,
but by your passion they will share
the fruit of your salvation.
The fruit of your salvation.”

Lord, all my life to you I’ll cling,
this love forever holding.
You ever, as you ever me, 
with loving arms enfolding.
Lord, you will be my beacon-light,
guiding me safe through death’s dark night,
cheering my heart in sorrow.
Therefore my self, and all that’s mine, 
to you, my Savior, I consign,
from whom all things I borrow.
From whom all things I borrow.

Of death I am no more afraid, 
new life from you is flowing.
Your cross provides a cooling shade
when noonday’s sun is glowing.
When by my grief I am oppressed,
on you my weary soul shall rest
serenely as on pillows.
You are my anchor when, by woe,
my boat is driven to and fro
on trouble’s surging billows.
On trouble’s surging billows.

Lord, when your glory I shall see
and taste your kingdom’s pleasure
your blood my royal robe shall be
my joy beyond all measure.
When I appear before your throne
your righteousness shall be my crown;
with these I need not hide me.
And there, in garments richly wrought,
as your own bride I shall be brought
to stand in joy beside you.
To stand in joy beside you.