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Hard Sayings of Jesus

Maybe, hopefully, you have read words from Jesus and thought, "These are so good. I love what Jesus has to say." For the most part, this was the feeling of his disciples and the other folks who followed him during his ministry. In this course, though, we'll be looking at the harder sayings - those that are less pleasant, more difficult to understand, and probably don't make for very good wall hanging quotes. As we dig into these words, we'll do our best to understand what Jesus meant when he said them as well as we can, and we'll also look inward and analyze ourselves. When we read or hear things from God's Word that we don't like or are hard to hear, how do we react? How should we react? God willing, as we do so, we'll learn that even the hard sayings of Jesus are acts of love from a Savior who cares very deeply.