Preach You the Word

Lyrics by Martin H. Franzmann | Setting by Kent Reeder

Preach You the Word - MP3

This new, very singable melody for the hymn "Preach You the Word" broadens the appeal of a fantastic evangelism poem. 

Preach you the word and plant it home
to those who like or like it not.
The word that shall endure and stand
when flowers and mortals are forgot.

We know how hard, O Lord, the task
your servant bade us undertake:
to preach your word and never ask
what prideful profit it may make.

The sower sows his reckless love
scatters abroad the goodly seed,
intent alone that all may have
the wholesome loaves that all men need.

Though some be snatched and some be scorched
and some be choked and matted flat,
the sower sows; his heart cries out,
"Oh, what of that, and what of that?"

Preach you the word and plant it home
and never faint; the Harvest Lord
who gave the sower seed to sow
will watch and tend his planted word.