Thank you for visiting Illumine's spiritual assessment page. 

Before taking the assessment, here are some important points to keep in mind.

  • No quiz, form, or assessment can determine your value as a Christian. Christ's love and sacrifice for you prove how valuable you are.
  • No matter how spiritually mature or knowledgable you are, you are still loved and saved by Jesus. 
  • The reason we want to make regular assessment of our spiritual growth/knowledge/maturity is that we believe that God's word shows us who God is, what he's done, and what he's doing - and we are  excited to be involved with that.
Name *
Old Testament Characters *
Click the box next to the name of every Old Testament character on the list.
New Testament Characters *
Click the box next to the name of every New Testament character on the list.
When speaking with someone who is filled with guilt, I should present...
When approaching someone who seems unrepentant about a sin, I should present
Prayer *
I find it easy to come up with the topics to pray about and the words to say when I pray.
I can easily and eagerly explain to someone the value of prayer.
Devotion *
I rarely go 24-hours without a personal devotion of some kind.
I can easily explain to someone the value of my devotional life.
Relationships *
When there is trouble in my relationships with others, my initial instinct is to place that relationship in God's hands through prayer.
I forgive others in view of Christ's forgiveness.
The last time I shared my faith with another person was...
Contentment *
I find my life to be characterized by contentment instead of worry.
Even in hard times, I can explain to someone the ways God's love is apparent in my life.
Service *
My life is full of opportunities to serve others.
I find great joy in caring for and serving the people around me.
And finally...
And finally...
This survey is helpful to me and makes me feel proud.
I am loved by Jesus no matter what.