The Secret Ingredient

Maybe nobody has told you, but there's a secret ingredient - a powerful, almost magically effective tool - that every single Christian who has succeeded in making regular Bible studying an essential and beneficial part of their life has employed. Jesus used it. Paul used it. Augustine, Luther, C.S. Lewis. Every successful, knowledgable, Scripture-understanding Christian through history has added this one, simple, incredible ingredient to their recipe for daily Bible study and found success.

Notably, a lack of this secret ingredient has also been the one common denominator among Christians who have failed to make regular, wisdom-producing Bible study a part of their life. Where there has been failure and disappointment in personal Bible growth, this ingredient was missed - every time. All those who fell off the wagon, who made ambitious plans and didn't follow through, who wanted ever-so-sincerely to inject the paradigm of awesomeness that is the Bible's guidance into their daily lives but ended up sticking with their previous failed paradigm  - they all missed the secret ingredient.

When you learn what it is, it seems so simple. Something anyone could have added for success. Something everyone would naturally want to add, but all too many fail to include.

You see, the secret ingredient for a God's Word centered life, for reaping the exponential benefits that come from filling your heart and mind with the wisdom of our God is just this: read the Bible. All the reading plans, all the note-taking apps, all the translation choices and wide-margin, cross-reference column, study note perks we can try to surround our personal Biblical growth with are valueless is you don't have the one ingredient: read the Bible. 

Don't wait to do it. Read it now, today. And then, tomorrow, read it some more. No other special tricks or motivators will do you as much good in your journey as a Bible-believing (and Bible-understanding) Christian as reading the Bible. No more excuses, no more hesitation, no more procrastination. Do it.  

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Do the thing, and you shall have the power." Millions won't. They won't do the thing, they won't reap the benefits. But you can, and you know how simple it is. Do it.  If you do, it will work. If you do not, I guarantee it will not work. Every time.

So if you believe their are benefits that come from knowing God's word, from bringing his wisdom into your life, then read it. It's the best thing you can do. 

Pastor Kent Reeder