The story of David and Goliath is not a story about a lucky kid. It’s not a story about an underdog who overcame. It’s not a story about it well placed sling shot.

The story of David and Goliath is a story about faith. It’s a story that shows us how faith changes reality. Instead of a giant warrior threatening a frightened army, faith makes this story a story of a puny but arrogant warrior being absolutely crushed by an Almighty God.  

Understand what this means. Faith doesn’t magically turn “you can’t” into “you can.” Faith doesn’t give you more to contribute just when you needed it. Faith doesn’t make you an overcomer.

Faith replaces your contribution with that of another.  You still aren’t strong enough to beat the things that are threatening you. You still can’t fight a giant.

Your only hope is to believe that your God can. (And good news: he absolutely can.)

Faith turns “you can’t” into “God can.” Faith makes God the hero of your story (and, as it happened, of David’s.) 

1 Samuel 17:47 | The battle is the Lord’s.

  - Pastor Kent Reeder