Christmas Related

Christmas is what the Church is all about - but that's only true if you understand the rest of this post. It's not because of the festival services or the pageants or even the fact that Christian music is heard and sung all over by all kinds of people.

Christmas is what the Church is all about because of the relationships. Getting together with people we love, showing our love through generosity and kindness. Kneeling with the shepherds at the birthplace of hope, worshiping the God who reconnected us to him.

Christ's birth is one of the most tangible and inescapable components of God's successful plan to bring us, who had betrayed and left him, back into a good relationship with him. That's what the Church is all about. 

So as you enjoy Christmas, enjoy the relationships. Not necessarily because that's what the Church is about. Not even because that's what you are all about. Enjoy the relationships because they are what God is all about. Trust the God who went so far that he gave his son for you - just for the sake of your relationship with him. 

Merry Christmas. God bless.