Chasing the Wind

"And I saw that all labor and all achievement spring from man's envy of his neighbor." (Ecclesiastes 4:4) 

So, are we wiser if we decide that we will motivate people by making them envious of their neighbors? Show them the better worker, the better practice, the bigger idea, the further along, and they'll achieve something? Maybe.

Maybe we can even do this in the church. Get people together and let them rub shoulders with Christians who are smarter, deeper, more mature, and wiser. Move them to achieve. 

Even better, though, maybe we can remember this and use it to help people who don't know how good it is to be part of God's family want to be part of God's family. What can you do, today, to make someone "jealous" of your place in God's kingdom? 

Once they want it, though, don't forget to tell them about how incredibly free it is.

-Pastor Kent Reeder