A church website has, for some time, been the front door to the church. 

Many surveys have indicated that before anyone crosses the threshold of a church building, they check out the website to see if it will be the kind of place they're looking for. Whether they are concerned about style, ethnic makeup, doctrine, or denomination, the website typically gives them enough of an idea to satisfy. (If it doesn't...they don't go.)

Illumine's website certainly serves that purpose, but there's a bigger idea that the recent redesign is meant to make possible. Should the website be a front door? Yes. But what if it could also be the foyer, and the living room. What if it could even be the kitchen? (This all builds off of a metaphor that organizations use to talk about how deeply people commit. Sometimes, it's just the doorstep, and they're out. Sometimes they go all the way, getting so comfortable they start pitching in and helping out in the kitchen.)

I'd like to make that possible. 

This website should be a place where you can benefit from the ministry efforts Illumine offers at very nearly the same level as you would if you were at all the live, physical events. If you want to worship, do it now. Watch/listen to a sermon. Sing with the music. If you want to learn, nothing should stop you. Dig into the resources. Follow the links provided. If you want to serve, you should be able to do it from your computer. Become informed. Contribute. Knock some tasks off of lists. 

It's not all here yet. But it is coming. This church doesn't need to be limited by location. Come see Jesus, in worship, in education, in community service. Come see life better. 

Welcome to the new 

- Pastor Kent Reeder

P.S. (Are these allowed on blogs?) 500 years ago, minus a few months, a monk started with the front door of a church and changed the world. I'm not saying this website will do that, but the internet is changing the way these front doors work...