Tillie @ Worship Conference Post #2

Day 2:

Day 2 was filled with riding in the car, rest areas, and one meal of way too greasy fast food. My mom had packed sandwiches for lunch along the way, and I had brought some goodies from work (Provisions in downtown Waxhaw) to snack on along the way. We eventually made it to my sister, Jaymie DeFrain, and her husband, Casey's house in Watertown, Wisconsin. We had just enough time to play a couple rounds of the board game Ticket to Ride, and collapsed into our beds for the night.

Day 3:

Saturday morning the whole crew rode over to a local church's giant rummage sale that profited a local WELS youth center, The Roc. I found a couple treasures, including a Fender guitar T- shirt. After lunch we drove about 20 minutes to a honey museum! The very outdated informational video was a lot of fun to make fun of, and seeing the inside of the bees nest was really neat. My favorite part was eating the honey samples and deciding which little jar to buy. The most exhausting part of today was playing a popular Bergmeier recreational activity - disc golf. Of course I was using a black disc (it had a sweet leopard on it!) so most of the game I spent searching for it in the brambles and raspberry bushes. Yes, I ate a few berries. My parents and I have been spoiled in the South without the swarms of mosquitos! The weather was perfect though. On the last hole, my brother-in-law, Casey threw his disc off course and into a corn field. Naturally, we all piled in and reenacted horror movies in our heads while we tried to find it. After about 10 minutes, worn out and scratched up we surrendered to the cornstalks and stumbled our way to the car. Jaymie had made a delicious lasagna dish in the crock pot for us, so after dinner - against everything our lactose intolerant bodies were telling us - we walked to get ice cream cones. Back at the house we played more Ticket to Ride and a couple rounds of Wits and Wagers to finish off the night.