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Illumine started in May of 2013 and officially launched public worship services in Rock Hill on April 13th, 2014. The mission of Illumine is this: we exist so that Christ may shine brilliantly on us, in us, and through us. To that end, we focus on worship (Christ shining on us), education (Christ shining in us), and community service (Christ shining through us.) On a given day, people connected to Illumine might be found volunteering, gathering in a home or conference room for a class, preparing for worship, or praying together for each other and York County.

Illumine welcomes everyone. Everyone needs a chance to refresh - that's the goal of worship. Everyone deserves a chance to grow and be more than they were before - that's the goal of education. Everyone benefits when people know, care about, and serve the people around them - that's why this church isn't working unless it is reaching out to the community. Anyone can have input in this process. Anyone can participate in this process. There are many people hoping that you, the person reading this, will become engaged in this process.

My name is Carrie. I have a husband, Andy, and two dogs, Bailey and Kodi. I am testing out this page on Squarespace to see its capabilities and options. If you somehow happen to stumble on this page, I apologize for the layout. I just like to click buttons and move things to figure out how they work. For example, if you click on that previous sentence, it will take you to the science camp info... makes sense - right?



Streamed live on Dec 24, 2013

Worship Service at Redeemer Lutheran Church (WELS) in Pierre, SD.

Streamed live on Dec 24, 2013

Worship Service at Redeemer Lutheran Church (WELS) in Pierre, SD.

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